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How to Trade Crypto Futures: Tips and Strategies for Success


A contract to purchase and sell a certain quantity of the underlying asset at a specific futures price of a particular date and time is known as a crypto future. They provide you access to various assets without requiring you to own them. Investors may utilize these contracts to protect themselves against price concerns. Numerous investors are looking into this practice. So today we will tell you more about how to trade crypto futures.

How to trade crypto futures

One primary way to speculate on a crypto asset’s price is through crypto futures trading. Numerous people wonder how to make money trading crypto futures. One direct way to speculate on an asset’s price is through futures trading. The procedure’s principal benefit is the ability to make transactions with digital currency without having the legal authority to hold them. If value plays and futures are of interest to you, the asset enables you to put a variety of winning tactics into practice. Some of the benefits are:

  • Complete disclosure of prices
  • Surveillance and control over the stock market
  • Extreme liquidity
  • Cost-effectiveness resulting from significant trade volume

Yet, there are drawbacks as well:

  • Less flexible future structure due to the predetermined contract size
  • You need fixed maturities for significant capital investments

You must sell the asset at the agreed-upon price and date when you sell a contract. Hence, if the market declines, the person who purchased your futures is legally obligated to buy the asset from you as soon as the contract expires.

When you purchase a futures contract, you proactively lock in a price. Because you buy the underlying asset for less than it is worth and then sell it for a profit, you can benefit if the market increases.

Also, you are not required to stake the whole future value when you purchase a contract. Margin trading allows you to keep some money needed to carry out the deal.

You may practice trading on the WhiteBIT platform, the biggest centralized crypto exchange in Europe, offering the best crypto charts. The USDT-M and BTC-PERP pair was this platform’s initial contract. When dealing with Bitcoin futures, you may also come up with other combinations. Buying contracts on WhiteBIT requires the following steps:

  • Pick the “Buy” link from the exchange’s main menu.
  • Choose the kind of order, the asset you want to buy, the quantity, and leverage before clicking “Purchase.”
  • Go to the “Sell” page and make the required order setting selections to sell your assets. 

The current financing crypto charts and the number of seconds before it is charged are displayed in the top right corner of the website.

Best Crypto Futures Trading Strategies

Buying the item at a lower price and selling it at a higher price is the trading method for Bitcoin. Without a substantial initial investment, trading with contracts enables you to conduct operations with excellent profitability. Only the amount of the collateral is needed to purchase or sell futures, and leverage is employed to get it. Hedging, arbitrage, and spreads are additional crypto futures trading for beginners tactics.


The act of hedging involves placing a futures market order that is the polar opposite of a spot market transaction. Futures trading in coins is used to both profit and lower risk. Due to the high volatility in digital coins, investing in digital assets is dangerous. An investor can utilize forward futures to protect against a decline in the price of an investment and maintain capital. It is one of the most helpful hedging instruments. The underlying idea is that another’s gains offset one market’s losses.


Several holdings on the same or related assets are arbitrage agreements in the Bitcoin business. The difference between the value of the digital coins on the futures and spot market, or the difference between the price of futures with specific criteria for the fulfillment, is how the trader makes money. The trader must purchase the underlying asset on the spot market, initiate a short position on the market, and place the help on a contract to execute the crypto futures trading strategy.


A trader can open long and short contracts simultaneously to use spreads. It might be the buying and selling of futures in the same currency but with separate dates for the contract’s fulfillment.

Crypto futures trading: Tips For Beginners  

Several helpful pointers might assist you in trading for profit:

  • Understand the stock market. It is important to understand how to trade bitcoin futures. Numerous exchanges provide various goods and services. You should conduct your study and pick the deal that best meets your demands.
  • Consider your level of risk tolerance. Before making any financial commitments, it is crucial to comprehend the dangers associated with this practice since it is not for everyone.
  • Don’t overlook strategy. A clear plan should be in place before engaging in this case. Be as explicit as possible about your objectives and your planned exit strategy.
  • Be tolerant. Many inexperienced investors in the business become impatient and attempt to push a deal, but this frequently fails. When trading contracts, it’s crucial to be patient and wait for an excellent chance.
  • Limit your risk. Risk management is among the most crucial elements.

Moreover, be sure to place a stop loss, take profit orders, and refrain from abusing your position. You will be on your way to lucrative futures trading after you have mastered these concepts.

Wrapping Up

You can always take your hand at dealing with crypto futures. There are a few things to pay attention to before you dive in. First of all, spot contracts are intricate and dangerous financial products. When you begin trading, you must research and comprehend how the system functions.

Second, you need to have a lot of funds available to you. The contracts provide a high leverage, allowing you to manage a sizable position with only a little investment.

Lastly, remember that the spot business is open every day of the year. As a result, you must be prepared to monitor your positions continuously. You have a better chance of succeeding in the market if you keep these things in mind.

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