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The Latest News on SOL Coin


Bitcoin and Ethereum are two the most popular digital assets. However, there are hundreds of other promising coins that can even surpass the leading cryptos in some aspects. For example, SOL crypto. Compared with Ethereum’s overloaded blockchain with its costly transactions, the Solana network provides a much bigger throughput of 50,000 transactions per second and executes them 20 times faster and cheaper.

Solana is the base for numerous decentralised applications which are so popular today. The SOL coin is among the top digital assets on the Coinmarketcap, and it is traded on all popular crypto platforms. As of mid-October 2022, the SOL USDT pair trades at $29.

Unlike Bitcoin and the first version of Ethereum, Solana is based on the Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol, which allows generating of new coins through owning SOL and holding them.

Solana Benefits

Here are some facts about the Solana network:

  • SOL crypto is not mined, so it does not require mining equipment and electricity costs.
  • SOL blockchain is eco-friendly.
  • Solana staking is available for anyone.
  • Transactions in the Solana network are cheap and fast.

Latest News

The price of SOL does not change significantly in the last few years. With the entire market drop in spring 2022, the Solana crypto price also lost its value, starting from April’s drop from $135 to today’s level of $29. Experts believe the SOL coin will reach a value of over $700 by 2030.

To buy SOL crypto, register on the WhiteBIT crypto platform. It is a centralised exchange allowing to use of real money for investing in crypto. For that purpose, you should register and pass KYC. Once your account is verified, you can attach your bank card and buy any digital asset with dollars, pounds or euros. WhiteBIT offers various trading tools and a reliable way to store your investments in a digital wallet.

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