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Best Hair Replacement Systems of 2022


Hair loss is a growing headache that does not stop once it starts. It can be caused by anything from stress, age, unhealthy food consumption, poor life quality, maladaptive habits, and so on. Research shows that approximately 1 in 5 men in the world is dealing with hair loss, regardless of their country, age, or lifestyle.

Meaning, that hundreds and thousands of men around the world lead a poor lifestyle, as their balding appearance takes a toll on their confidence. Bringing them down in their professional and personal life they are unable to create a thriving life for themselves.

Fortunately, there are options that can be considered when all else fails. These options include taking medication, getting a procedure done, or wearing a hair piece. The former two can be a little excessive, the last one offering you an instant solution without long-term repercussions.

Most men think that hair pieces are for men who are completely bald, but that is not the case. Today, we have a wide range of hair pieces that come in different designs, colors, styles, toupees, and so much more. Offering you the perfect choice based on your natural hair, one that is easy to maintain, and completely discreet. To help you get started, we bring you some of the best products out there.

HS7 Full Lace Men’s Hair Piece With Realistic Hairline

The HS7 full lace hair piece comes with a realistic hairline that is crafted using natural human hair. Providing you with natural hair pieces that are thin yet offer an authentic look. Paired with an authentic French lace on the base, to ensure you get a breathable and airy feeling even on the hottest of days. Moreover, every single hair strand is double knotted to the base, creating a durable and reliable hairpiece that does not cause hair fall. Additionally, the bleaching technique ensures an invisible knot system that is hard to catch even up close, making it an authentic hair piece that you can enjoy on a daily basis.

HS1 Thin Skin Hair System – 0.08 mm Transparent Poly Skin

The HS1 thin skin hair system brings a versatile addition to your collection. Featuring a staggering collaboration between durability and authentic appearance. Taking a deeper look you will find that the hair system is designed to appear authentic for a long time. Moreover, the 0.08mm thin skin makes it easier to set on your head and ensures a smooth setting throughout. All of that without compromising on the overall quality, or without having to worry about hair shedding. That is ensured by tightly single split knots to the base, ensuring you enjoy natural-looking quality hair.

N6 French Lace Hair System With PU Back and Sides

The N6 French lace hair system comes with a French lace top base and a side poly perimeter. Creating a lace hair system that ensures a breathable setting that is easy to set on and maintain. Featuring natural human hair strands, the French lace hair system is a great choice that is easy to maintain on a daily basis. Mostly with the help of a heat and moisture system that seeps air in and out of your system, boosting your comfort level on hot and tropical days.

DURO LACE Full Lace Hair System for Men

The DURO lace full hair system might look like a regular lace hair system but comes with an exceptionally durable setting. Light in weight and easy to set the hair piece is a wonderful choice that will have you set without excessive work. Built to last the DURO full lace hair system can easily outlast all other hair systems you have. Thanks to its sleek knots system that is bleached and blended to a point where it’s hard to tell the difference. Offering you a full hair head that you can set in any style of your choosing.

HS25-V 0.03mm Ultra-Thin Skin Hair System V-looped Human Hair

The HS25-V ultra-thin skin hair system brings you a V-looped human hair piece that provides you with confidence and comfort. Brings you thin strands that are set together to look natural, creating a complementary appearance that restores your confidence. Moreover, the 0.03mm poly skin base helps create a realistic and non-glare look that is hard to find in most hair pieces. Making the ultra-thin v-looped hair system a remarkable choice, one that does not appear as a piece, but offers the illusion of natural hair. As the hair piece is crafted using 100% natural human hair, you will get a lush and glowing feel for a long time.

HOLLYWOOD Lace Hair System With Thin Skin Perimeter and Lace Front

The Hollywood lace hair system comes with a poly skin perimeter that ensures an improved grasp on the head. Paired with a comfortable setting that ensures a breathable hair piece during hot days. Something that does not just set without a hitch, but can as easily be removed from your head. All that is made possible with thousands of holes set on the surface to ensure the natural moisture and heat your head produces escapes. All of that with a bleached knot front line that appears smooth and natural.

NCON Fine Welded Mono Base Hair System

The NCON  is a mono-base hair system that ensures durability at all times. Taking complete advantage of its monofilament base material the hair piece offers you a reliable setting without having to worry about appearance over time. Paired with a handsewn setting you enjoy the best of alley stitching and cross-stitching techniques. Crafted using 100% natural human hair, you will offer the impression of hair growth rather than an added hair piece.

These are some of the best hair replacement systems available out there, and each one comes with a unique setting and features. The only way to find the best one for you is by choosing one that matches your unique demands.Visit New Times Hair website to explore more wholesale options: https://www.newtimeshair.com/

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